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Open Source Pirate Swords

Every year my work has a competition for who can come up with the best Halloween decorations. My team has the good fortune of being in a large conference room, which gave us a distinct advantage over the pod layout elsewhere in the building. Our team’s resident creative genius Sheena came up with the concept of dead pirates / death in the deep. As a companion to our pirate costumes, I created a basic pirate sword design with a curved blade:

I cut the swords out of a sheet of ½” cabinet grade plywood. This is important because it has a flat and smooth pre-finished surface, which I found very easy to prime and spray paint. I used silver metallic paint for the blade portion and then used a metallic bronze for the hilt. Painters tape was used as masking to provide a sharp line between the two colors.

As a final touch, I used a hot glue gun to attach 1/8” leather cord to the handle of the hilt.

Here are the sword designs in various formats, if you want to make your own: